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11.3: Nové obrázky v galeriích

U-Kiss News

[NEWS] U-KISS Dong Ho snaps a series of selcas at a baseball game

17. července 2012 v 9:50 | Mia
U-KISS member Dong Ho recently uploaded a set of selcas he took during a baseball game.
He posted the above photos to Twitter along with, "Ready to cheer" and "Anyway! I was really excited to go to a baseball game for the first time in a while! Let's gain strength, fighting!"
Fans commented with, "He looks like a playful teen" and "Even with a hat on he looks cute".
Doesn't he look so young and adorable in the first photo?

[NEWS] 120514 U-KISS Fires up South American Crowd at ′Evento 40′ in Colombia

15. května 2012 v 15:30 | Mia
U-KISS has stood on stage at Evento 40, in Colombia.
On May 12, the U-KISS members came on stage in front of some 50,000 individuals to represent Asia in South America's largest music festival. The group, which was the first Asian musician to perform at Evento 40, performed a string of its hits including Doradora, Neverland and more to a screaming crowd.
In particular, some 3000 members of U-KISS' fan club could be seen enthusiastically cheering on their favorite group while chanting in Korean, "We love you U-Kiss" and other supportive messages.

Even on the day prior, some hundreds of fans showed up at Bogota Airport to welcome the group, as the fans held up placards and clapped and cheered the U-KISS members as they made their first steps on Colombian soil.
U-Kiss will return to Korea on May 15 to resume its activities in Korea.

[NEWS] U-KISS Sets New Milestone with Bogota Show

15. května 2012 v 15:29 | Mia
On Saturday (local time), boy band U-KISS became not just the first Korean but the first Asian band to perform at Los 40 Principales, Colombia's largest music festival, sending 50,000 spectators into a wild frenzy at Simon Bolivar Park in Bogota.

At first sight of the boys, a group of 3,000 fans occupying the front rows of the arena chanted "I love you, U-KISS" in Korean, causing band leader Soo-hyun to remark later that he was shocked at the warm reception lying in store for the idol group.

Spectators cheer as boy band U-KISS appear at Simon Bolivar Park in Bogota. /Arirang TV

[NEWS] U-KISS’s AJ chooses athlete Son Yeon Jae as his ideal type

8. května 2012 v 9:57 | Mia
U-KISS member, AJ has revealed his ideal woman!
Through a recent interview with Sports Chosun, AJ revealed, "My ideal woman is athlete, Son Yeon Jae. I'm so proud that she is so dedicated to her work and spreading awareness of Korea, despite her young age. Honestly, I'm also charmed by her innocence."
He continued, "I learned so much while holding our solo concert in Japan. Of course, we want to hold a solo concert in Korea as well. If we do get to hold one, I'd like to invite Son Yeon Jae."
Meanwhile, U-KISS is busy promoting their new track, "DORADORA" which was co-produced by Brian Kim (Zigzag Note) and Kim Hyung Seok. The song has generated quite the buzz lately and grabbed first place on Hanteo Chart in the album sales category.
For those who don't know, Son Yeon Jae is a young rhythmic gymnast born in 1994. She is a 2010 Asian Games bronze medalist, as well as a member of the national gymnastic team.

[NEWS] U-KISS Performs "DORADORA" On Inkigayo

8. května 2012 v 9:55 | Mia
After making their comeback performances for "DORADORA" last weekend, U-KISS continues their promotions this week.
Their sixth mini album "DORADORA" was released last week on April 25 along with their music video for the title track. While they have seen some success from their comeback, they are still looking to take a music show win.

[NEWS] 120504 DongHo's Impressive Portrayal in Holyland

8. května 2012 v 9:55 | Mia
Is loser Dongho the best?
U-KISS's Dongho is currently starring in Channel A's (SuperAction) 4-part drama 'Holyland', directed by Park KiHyung, as a cowardly character.
Enews met up with Dongho earlier and he said, "After the first broadcast of 'Holyland', all my friends praised me for my portrayal of a loser. But I'm an idol group member...". He continued with a sorry heart, "After watching the drama, I really like how well the director put the scenes of the other actors together. It only made me feel bad for the other actors because of my lacking acting skills".
He also added, "The role I play in the first two episodes will be completely changed in the last two instalments of the drama. I'm extremely happy that my fellow colleagues have praised me about my acting saying that 'It came out well!' for that part as well". Holyland had its first broadcast on April 28, and garnered a viewer rating of 1.8%. It also topped the search ranks of various internet portal sites.
In addition, Dongho is currently in the midst of promotional activities with U-KISS's new mini-album 'DORADORA.

[NEWS] International fans visit Korea to purchase U-KISS’ ‘Dora Dora’ album

6. května 2012 v 11:56 | Mia
On April 25th, U-KISS made their long-awaited return with the release of their sixth album, 'Dora Dora'.
The boys are rising on charts as they've come out on top for the week of April 3rd through 29th on Hanteo's weekly album sales! Their sales numbers are soaring higher by the week, especially after their first comeback stage.
International fans have reportedly been visiting South Korea just to purchase U-KISS's album without waiting for a release in their native country.
NH Media stated, "International fans are actually coming to Korea to purchase the albums because they claim that the album is released late in their home countries. They want to buy it as early as possible."
Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate

[NEWS] U-Kiss sings the "Traffic Safety" song on Inkigayo

6. května 2012 v 11:50 | Mia
During each episode of SBS's Inkigayo every other Sunday, a segment of the show is reserved for a special song. In the past, idols such as G.NA, Teen Top, After School, Girls' Day, CN Blue, f(x), Secret, BEAST, Jewelry, 2PM, A Pink, T-ara, MBLAQ, Dal Shabet, Sistar and K.Will, miss A , FT Island, NU'EST, B1A4, BTOB, SISTAR, 2AM, 4minute, and most recently B.A.P, performed the segment on the show.
For the second segment on tonight's episode of Inkigayo, U-Kiss performed the "Traffic Safety" song. The members of U-Kiss promoted "Eco Drive" and safety driving overall.

[NEWS] U-KISS’ dating ban has officially been lifted

6. května 2012 v 11:50 | Mia
The members of U-KISS are now free to date, as their dating ban has officially been lifted.
The idol group was recently interviewed by MCs Shindong and Kim Shin Young ahead of their live MBC Music 'Show Champion' performance on May 1st.
The hosts congratulated the members on being able to date freely, and the boys excitedly remarked "Finally!", clapping their hands with joy.
When Shindong asked them to formally introduce their girlfriends, U-KISS member Soohyun safely answered, "I don't have a girlfriend" and then later admitted, "My girlfriends are all of the 'KISS ME' members!"
U-KISS also shared that they will be the first Korean artists to perform in Colombia alongside artists such as Shakira and Ricky Martin for "2012 EVENTO 40" in May.
Also performing on this episode of 'Show Champion' were artists such as Ivy, B.A.P, Supernova, and more.

[NEWS] Eat Your Kimchi Reviews U-KISS' "DORADORA"

2. května 2012 v 19:56 | Mia

This week for Eat Your Kimchi's Music Monday, Simon and Martina reviewed U-KISS' "DORADORA."
After returning from their Japanese promotions, it is great to see that U-KISS has finally made their Korean comeback.
While they liked the chorus of "DORADORA," they felt that the overall song wasn't as attention grabbing as their previous songs "Neverland" and "Tic Tac."
As for the music video, U-KISS seems to have one of the strangest rooms ever. While Simon & Martina's usual complaint is that groups share the same love interest in the video, they all seem to be sharing the same room, couch and bed in this one.

[NEWS] U-KISS Succeeds on Music Charts and TV Ratings

2. května 2012 v 19:56 | Mia

U-KISS recently made their long-awaited comeback with the release of their sixth mini album, "DORADORA." At the same time, their youngest member Dongho has appeared on the small screen with his new mini-drama, OCN's "Holy Land."

[NEWS] 120429 U-Kiss’s Dongho Keeps His Manners with Dynamic Duo

2. května 2012 v 19:51 | Mia

Recently, U-KISS's Dong Ho has put himself on a list of celebrities with a well-mannered hand.

[NEWS] 120430 U-KISS DongHo Kicks "Holyland" Off With a 1.8% Viewership Rating

2. května 2012 v 19:50 | Mia
U-KISS DongHo Kicks "Holyland" Off With a 1.8% Viewership Rating

dol group U-KISS's Dongho declared himself as a "rating killer".
Dongho set the ratings up to 1.8% for the first episode of the super action cable channel drama "Holyland" on April 28th. While broadcasting, the search term "Holyland" ranked as the most searched topic on major portal sites in Korea.

[NEWS] U-KISS member Dongho’s new drama, ‘Holy Land’ finally begins broadcasting

1. května 2012 v 11:05 | Mia
U-KISS member, Dongho has turned himself into an action actor!
On April 28th, Dongho's cable TV super action drama, 'Holy Land' kicked off with a modest rating. On this day, Dongho drew the attention of viewers with his charismatic charm, as he successfully acted out an action scene.
According to AGB Nielsen, the first episode recorded 1.25% in viewership ratings, while the second hit 1.8%. Viewers and fans didn't hold back on compliments and praised the idol by leaving comments such: "Dongho is the best", "His so good at acting, even though he is so young", "I think we can finally call him an actor now", and "Wow, I never knew he could pull off action scenes".
In related news, 'Holy Land' is a short drama series that is only 4 episodes long. The storyline revolves around a homeless teen who wanders the streets, but experiences love and friendship, as he takes on boxing.
Source + Photos: Star Today

[NEWS] U-KISS Returns with "Doradora" on Music Core!

29. dubna 2012 v 18:16 | Mia
Nearly one year after their last promotion, U-KISS has returned to the stage with their sixth mini-album.
The seven boys make their comeback with "Doradora" on Music Core today, and anxious Kiss Me fans showed their strong support in the audience!
Dressed in a blue and white set of outfits, U-KISS shows off their fancy footwork in the upbeat dance track.