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[NEWS] 120514 U-KISS Fires up South American Crowd at ′Evento 40′ in Colombia

15. května 2012 v 15:30 | Mia |  U-Kiss News
U-KISS has stood on stage at Evento 40, in Colombia.
On May 12, the U-KISS members came on stage in front of some 50,000 individuals to represent Asia in South America's largest music festival. The group, which was the first Asian musician to perform at Evento 40, performed a string of its hits including Doradora, Neverland and more to a screaming crowd.
In particular, some 3000 members of U-KISS' fan club could be seen enthusiastically cheering on their favorite group while chanting in Korean, "We love you U-Kiss" and other supportive messages.

Even on the day prior, some hundreds of fans showed up at Bogota Airport to welcome the group, as the fans held up placards and clapped and cheered the U-KISS members as they made their first steps on Colombian soil.
U-Kiss will return to Korea on May 15 to resume its activities in Korea.

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